birmingham - march 2019

You must put yourself in the position to receive good luck.
— A Very Wise Man

On my way to the grocery store, I drive past a deserted industrial graveyard. The land was owned by LDV Group and formally a van factory. It was shut down and demolished in 2009. All that remains is a boarded up security booth and entry gate. The abandoned area is nothing to write home about, however I always find the sign ‘keep left’ intriguing.


If only there were clear signs in our day-to-day life decisions, such as ‘ keep left’ or ‘don’t buy another pair of shoes’ or ‘stop comparing yourself with others’. It would makes things so much easier and less time consuming.

Then again, maybe there are signs all around us. It’s just up to us whether or not we want to listen to the big man upstairs or the voice of intuition. Humans are stubborn creatures. We like to feel a sense of freedom.


*Postscript: Opposite the red brick security booth is a row of empty shops. Their windows blacked out, probably abandoned soon after all the factory workers were made redundant. The only business open is a general store. Because of my mild obsession with shop windows, I couldn’t help but take a shot or two.

I’m going to try and increasing my posting habits. I have been too quiet recently. I often worry my photos won’t be ‘good enough’… Except my goal for this blog as always been about deliberate practice over perfection.