the next chapter: birmingham, uk

Let’s go to the Bull Ring! Why should the boys have all the fun?
— Aunt Polly, Peaky Blinders

In less than 50 days, I’ll be moving to Birmingham and getting married. Yay. However this is not a blog post on weddings. Just wanted to share some photos from my August trip to old Brum. I checked out the Bull Ring Open Market in the city centre. I was drawn to the colours and shapes of the often random and ubiquitous items for sale. But most of the time I found myself wondering, “Does anyone actually buy these freaky looking baby dolls on swings or a sun damaged puzzle book from the 90’s?”

I’m still not sure of the answer.


This was the main track on repeat while exploring Birmingham.

OK Jaanu by A.R. Rahman. Listen once and you’ll understand what I mean: