rewind: vienna, austria - june 2018

The streets of Vienna are paved with culture. The streets of other cities with asphalt.
— Karl Kraus
Yup, we’re definitely not in North America. That’s a cigarette dispensing vending machine.

Yup, we’re definitely not in North America. That’s a cigarette dispensing vending machine.

Vienna was spectacular. As a photographer and art history/ psychology major, it was the perfect city to indulge in all my favourite things. Secessionist art movement. Bright colours. Cafe culture. Huge museums. It surpassed any expectation I previously held.

The Leopold Museum was the highlight of Vienna. The museum holds the largest and most varied collection of Egon Schiele masterpieces. I wrote my senior thesis on Schiele and the role sexual addiction and self-portraiture played in his life (if you want to read it, I’m happy to share). It was a dream come true to finally view his works of art in real life. Schiele’s subject matter is dark, strange but underneath the colours and shapes is a narrative worth understanding. I highly recommend a stop at the Leopold Museum when visiting Vienna.

To make sense of the photographs I collected on my Vienna trip, I’ve divided them into four sections:

  1. Architecture

  2. Design

  3. Fashion

  4. Street Art (click here to see that blog post). It deserved its own dedicated post.


Vienna is a handsome, lively city, and pleases me exceedingly.
— Frederic Chopin



Best Cafés (don’t forget the cake!):

  1. Cafe Mozart (the best in the city)

  2. Café Central (the most famous)

  3. Café Prückel (the most vintage interiors)

Gentlemen. If you’re going to take Vienna, take it.
— Napoléon Bonaparte



I shot most of these images in the Goldenes Quartier - think 5th Avenue in NYC or Oxford Street in London. It is filled with high-end designer shops, visited by well-dressed customers. The perfect location to capture the Austrian style.


Movie Pick: The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

There is something about Austria that gives off a ‘Wes Anderson’ vibe. In particular, that you’re on the set of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.

For anyone who hasn’t watched the above mentioned film, get thee to Netflix and enjoy.

birmingham - january 2019

Below are some snapshots of my new home. It’s a pretty cool place. I moved here less than a month ago. And even though I’ve lived in the UK for almost three years, moving to a new city always takes some readjustment.

My solution? Explore. Document. Be curious.

So far I like what I see.

Yup, I’m very content to be living in Birmingham.