rewind: vienna, austria - june 2018

The streets of Vienna are paved with culture. The streets of other cities with asphalt.
— Karl Kraus
Yup, we’re definitely not in North America. That’s a cigarette dispensing vending machine.

Yup, we’re definitely not in North America. That’s a cigarette dispensing vending machine.

Vienna was spectacular. As a photographer and art history/ psychology major, it was the perfect city to indulge in all my favourite things. Secessionist art movement. Bright colours. Cafe culture. Huge museums. It surpassed any expectation I previously held.

The Leopold Museum was the highlight of Vienna. The museum holds the largest and most varied collection of Egon Schiele masterpieces. I wrote my senior thesis on Schiele and the role sexual addiction and self-portraiture played in his life (if you want to read it, I’m happy to share). It was a dream come true to finally view his works of art in real life. Schiele’s subject matter is dark, strange but underneath the colours and shapes is a narrative worth understanding. I highly recommend a stop at the Leopold Museum when visiting Vienna.

To make sense of the photographs I collected on my Vienna trip, I’ve divided them into four sections:

  1. Architecture

  2. Design

  3. Fashion

  4. Street Art (click here to see that blog post). It deserved its own dedicated post.


Vienna is a handsome, lively city, and pleases me exceedingly.
— Frederic Chopin



Best Cafés (don’t forget the cake!):

  1. Cafe Mozart (the best in the city)

  2. Café Central (the most famous)

  3. Café Prückel (the most vintage interiors)

Gentlemen. If you’re going to take Vienna, take it.
— Napoléon Bonaparte



I shot most of these images in the Goldenes Quartier - think 5th Avenue in NYC or Oxford Street in London. It is filled with high-end designer shops, visited by well-dressed customers. The perfect location to capture the Austrian style.


Movie Pick: The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

There is something about Austria that gives off a ‘Wes Anderson’ vibe. In particular, that you’re on the set of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’.

For anyone who hasn’t watched the above mentioned film, get thee to Netflix and enjoy.